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At Infinity Dental we do the whole range of dental implants. We actually do 5 different types of dental implants! During your consultation with us, we will recommend to you the right solution that’s best for your situation and for your budget!

We have found that our patients want to work with a dental implant specialist who isn’t one size fits all but can recommend what’s best for you. We will make sure you get the best treatment for your specific situation.

If you are exploring getting dental implants, there’s a lot to learn so you can make an informed decision. To help you, we’ve created separate in-depth webpage that provides the latest information on dental implants.

You can stabilize your existing dentures with MINI IMPLANTS so you don't have to remove you dentures at night, and you can enjoy eating once again. Learn more by clicking the button below:

Same Day Dental Implant

Did you have a front tooth knocked out in an accident?

Now you don’t have to wait to get a dental implant which can take weeks. We can do a dental implant and create a beautiful crown that matches your smile perfectly the same day. You can walk out of the office two hours later with an implant and crown, and nobody would ever know you lost your front tooth if you didn’t tell them.

We always leave room in our schedule for emergencies. Call to schedule an appointment and we’ll do our best to get you in today.

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The Best Dental Implants In Muskegon Michigan

What Are Dental Implants?

Among today’s best and most time-tested tooth replacement options are dental implants, a marvel of modern dental technology that provide patients with an exceptional long-term solution! The team at Infinity Dental Norton Shores has been providing patients with top-rated implant dentistry for years, and have mastered our treatment protocols and practices as they relate to dental implants. Get in touch with our team today to learn if dental implants are the right solution for you! Dental implants are a solution that are capable of replacing one or more missing teeth with incredible strength and dependability. The base of a dental implant is the implant itself, which acts as the new tooth root. A dental crown is then fitted over this implant, which is matched to your natural teeth. Dental implants can be fixed, or permanent, making for a strong restoration that will last the rest of your life. Other patients may opt for removable dentures, while other patients may opt for implant-supported bridges. Seeing our implant dentistry team at Infinity Dental Norton Shores will help you determine which dental implant solution is best for you!

Are Dental Implants Right For You?

We welcome all patients who are curious about dental implants, or who are suffering from tooth loss and looking into tooth replacement options, to come in and visit our implant dentistry team at Infinity Dental Norton Shores for an implant consultation – our team will discuss which implant dentistry solutions may be best for you, and create a treatment plan that best meets your treatment goals!

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